October 8, 2017

Beautiful Tummy Tuck Results without Telltale Signs of Surgery

Tummy tuck is one of the most popular and powerful procedures San Diego plastic surgeon Abhay Gupta offers. Tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, involves removing excess abdominal skin and fat and repairing damaged or separated muscles for a flatter and firmer abdomen. With a more attractive abdomen, patients’ self-confidence usually skyrockets and they feel much happier about their appearance.

But not all tummy tucks are created equal. Approach and technique matter greatly to the overall surgical outcome. Dr. Gupta’s goal is to create beautiful results without telltale signs of surgery; no patient wants an abdomen that looks like it has been operated on.

Here, Dr. Gupta shares some of the essential signs of a great tummy tuck.

Natural Abdominal Contours

A naturally beautiful abdomen isn’t completely flat; it has hills and valleys around the navel, and a tapered waist with slight curves. To achieve great tummy tuck results, it’s not enough to simply remove excess fat and pull the skin taut. Dr. Gupta works to restore natural curves to the sides of the abdomen and the areas around the belly button. Liposuction is a helpful contouring tool to help him accomplish those goals. He also removes the right amount of excess skin so the remaining skin doesn’t look too loose or too tight.

A Normal-Looking Belly Button

Speaking of the belly button, it cannot be covered by underwear or a bathing suit bottom. The appearance and location of the belly button is extremely important to the overall tummy tuck result, and Dr. Gupta takes special care when revising it.

Well-Placed Scars that Fade to White

The location of the tummy tuck incision and scar pattern has changed significantly over the years as fashions have gone in and out of style. Most women used to wear higher cut underwear and bathing suit bottoms, and tummy tuck incisions were placed higher on the abdomen. With high rise bottoms going out of style in favor of lower rise bottoms, plastic surgeons have had to adapt and lower the tummy tuck incision lines.

Dr. Gupta carefully plans out the incisions and scar pattern with his patients well in advance of surgery. Together, he and the patient can select the scar pattern that is least visible in their preferred style of clothing. Dr. Gupta also uses special suturing techniques for better scars that are flatter, narrower and more likely to fade to white over time.

Balance and Harmony

Lastly, everything about the tummy and waist should look balanced and harmonious. It should flow nicely with the shape and size of the breasts and thighs. The entire body should look well-proportioned.

Learn More about Tummy Tuck Surgery

For more information about how an expertly performed tummy tuck can give you a flat, firm abdomen, Dr. Gupta invites you to schedule a consultation at our San Diego practice.

Fun Fact of the Month: The clinical term for the noises your stomach makes when you are hungry is borborygmi.