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Plastic surgery is not an exact science, and sometimes patients will be unhappy with the results of their surgery, whether it be a cosmetic procedure or a reconstructive one. These patients often require revision surgery to improve the result and help achieve a more satisfactory breast appearance. Although the original plastic surgeon is often the best person to perform this breast revision, Dr. Gupta understands that many patients do not wish to return to their original plastic surgeon and prefer to seek consultation with a different surgeon. Dr. Gupta therefore offers breast revision surgery as a significant portion of his plastic surgery San Diego practice, to help patients achieve the outstanding results they expect and deserve.

Dr. Gupta does not believe in wasting your valuable time by bad-mouthing your original plastic surgeon during your consultation. That is not the way he was taught to practice medicine. He will instead carefully evaluate the results of your previous surgery to identify all areas to be improved during the revision procedure. He will then discuss all options with you in detail and finally formulate a plan of reconstruction to correct your unsatisfactory result and achieve the breasts you initially desired.

Any breast revision surgery is usually more complex than the original surgery that was performed because of the additional scar tissue and tissue that may have been incorrectly reshaped or changed. Revision surgery therefore requires a very experienced surgeon who can accurately determine the deformities to correct and the steps necessary to fix them to achieve the patient’s desired result. Dr. Gupta has trained extensively in breast surgery and in breast revision surgery and has many years of experience performing these complex procedures. If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with your surgical result, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gupta to see if you are a candidate for revision surgery.

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