September 8, 2017

How Much Time Should I Take Off Work after Plastic Surgery?

Are you ready to book your plastic surgery procedure? You might be curious how much time to request off from work to recover from your surgery. Although the answer is different for everyone, Dr. Abhay Gupta’s general timelines for recovery might be helpful.

Breast Surgery

Women that have breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift usually have swelling, bruising and stiffness in the chest region following surgery and need to allow time for the tissues to heal. They generally wear special bras that put slight compression on the breasts, but can be hidden under shirts with a higher neckline (i.e., not low-cut tops).

Patients normally take one to two weeks off from work if they have a desk job, and more time if they have a fast-paced, physically demanding job that requires lifting, pushing or similar activities that could stress the breasts. That applies to servers, hairstylists, nurses, exotic dancers and retail workers.

Another option is to go back to work but with light duty or a modified schedule, avoiding heavy lifting and pushing for a while.

Body Contouring Surgery

Like breast surgery patients, body contouring patients experience post-operative bruising, swelling and stiffness following surgery. The amount of time to take off work depends on the procedure. Liposuction patients normally go back to work a bit sooner (about one week after surgery) than tummy tuck and body lift patients, who may need two weeks or more. SmartLipo patients can resume work almost immediately after treatment.

Body contouring patients need to be cognizant of their physical limitations like breast surgery patients, and avoid heavy lifting, bending and straining during the first few weeks of recovery. Patients may need to modify their job duties at first or seek assistance for certain physically demanding tasks.

Body contouring patients typically wear compression garments around the treated area after surgery, which can be concealed under long sleeves, pants or loose-fitting clothing.

Facial Plastic Surgery

The amount of time facial rejuvenation patients need after surgery depends on the extent of the procedure. Eyelid surgery patients generally need less time (about a week) than facelift or rhinoplasty patients, who may take two full weeks or more off.

By the two-week mark, usually the bandages have been removed, the bruising and swelling have gone down considerably and any remaining bruising can be concealed with makeup.

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Note: The information provided in this post is for general purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Dr. Gupta personalizes recovery guidelines based on the patient, procedure and health history.

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