December 12, 2016

Plastic Surgery after Significant Weight Loss: Why It Can Help

shutterstock_142033096Losing a significant amount of weight is an incredible accomplishment that benefits both health and appearance. However, many weight loss patients are dismayed to find that their appearance doesn’t quite match up to what they had imagined — in fact, their new figure is mostly obscured with loose, stretched-out skin.

Plastic surgeons like Dr. Abhay Gupta offer body contouring procedures specifically designed to eliminate loose skin and “fine-tune” the results of dramatic weight loss. Here, Dr. Gupta explains the advantages of plastic surgery after significant weight loss.

Creates a More Attractive Body Contour

The most obvious benefit of post-weight loss plastic surgery is that it improves the contours and proportions of the body. Sagging, loose skin can give the illusion of a lumpy or misshapen body contour, disguising the results of weight loss. Removing stretched-out skin and tightening loose tissues reveals the thinner, healthier physique. Visualizing their improved body contour also helps many weight loss patients stay motivated to keep the weight off.

Gets Rid of Uncomfortable Loose Skin

Not only is loose, stretched-out skin aesthetically problematic, it can also be extremely uncomfortable. The folds of skin make it difficult to move around and fit into certain types of clothing; and, skin can be hard to clean and produce a distinctive odor.

Eliminates Chafing, Rashes and Infection

Eliminating loose skin is very helpful to people that develop regular chafing, rashes or infections from the skin folds. Skin tears can also be reduced.

Improves Self-Esteem

Removing loose skin and refining the body’s contours helps weight loss patients feel great about themselves and their appearance. They often experience a surge in self-confidence and feel encouraged to show off their new figures.

Body Contouring Options

The most popular procedures performed after weight loss include the following:

  • Circumferential body lift: reshapes the mid-body contour by removing loose skin and related fat deposits. Improves the appearance of the abdomen, waist, inner/outer thighs, buttocks and/or hips. Liposuction can help perfect the results of body lift.
  • Extended abdominoplasty: a variation of traditional tummy tuck surgery that removes excess skin and fat deposits around the waist and lower back.
  • Other lift procedures: breast lift, buttock lift, thigh lift, back lift, chest lift, arm lift, neck lift, facelift

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Fun Fact of the Month: Americans spend more than $64 billion to lose weight (as of 2014). That number includes weight loss chains (e.g., Jenny Craig), diet foods and weight loss surgeries.